A selection of pitch choices are available, ranging from standard, to our fully serviced pitches, which include grey waste drainage, mains water and electrical hook up.


Spacious grass pitches are available with or without electricity in either the hawthorns or willows.


We have a small licensed shop on-site offering a wide range of everyday groceries, caravan spares, accessories and gas. The Garden Room café serves a selection of food and drink throughout the day.


We have wireless internet available on the park and packages are available from just £1


All our facilities are finished and maintained to a very high standard. Our central toilet and shower block is centrally heated and has under floor heating. Other facilities include 2 wash up blocks, 2 chemical disposal points, laundry and facilities for the disabled and families.


Our recreation areas are targeted to a range of ages, a sandpit, swing set and slides for the younger ones and our new adventure play area for older children. There are also designated open areas for ball games etc.


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions/ queries about anything regarding your stay. We look forward to hopefully seeing you soon.

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Branches Lane

Sherfield Englsih



SO51 6FH


01794 340402

07789 072154