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On Monday 7th December we officially became the village shop, we now stock a wide range of groceries, newspapers and magazines, sweets, drinks, fresh baking, medicines,  stationary etc. The existing shop in the village had been running for well over 50 years so its a massive change within the village, however the locals have supported us very well with their business in our first few weeks and long may this continue! With the caravan park opening in March we anticipate to be a lot busier once the campers start returning....

Phentermine Cod

Where To Buy Phentermine 30Mg Capsules

Its that time of year again where we start looking at taking some trees down, or at least trimming them, to create a bit more space and light! With Harry off on his 5 day chainsaw course this Autumn it's a great opportunity for him to get some practice. The new log splitter was a success just need Geoff to install his log burning stove now, I think he'll have enough fuel. ...

Phentermine Mg